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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

What Drives Us?

Our goal is to love on children with disabilities and their families while increasing skills, function and over-all participation. Using evidence-based practices, we empower kids to encourage thriving families and independent futures.








Your child's life consists of "occupations" or everyday activities. This can include sleep, self-care, play, socialization, and learning. Occupations change and vary depending on age and development. 

Occupational therapy (commonly referred to as OT) promotes and facilitates meaningful and developmentally appropriate participation in daily occupations. 

OTs can support your child through:

  • Thorough evaluation: identifying foundational deficits that led to challenges in daily occupations.

  • Recommending adaptations to tasks and/or modifications to the environment to increase independence in occupation.

  • Direct therapy to address foundational deficits

  • Collaboration with your family, caregivers, education teams, and/or other healthcare professionals to promote success across environments.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Child Centered

We love getting you to know your kiddo! Creating a strong relationship with your child is of utmost importance to us. Utilizing activities and interventions that are meaningful to them will encourage participation and allow for increased progress and success. ​

Family Focused

Raising kids is good work, but hard work. We recognize that raising a child with special needs is a big job. We also believe that you are perfectly and uniquely equipped to love your child, work for your child, fight for your child and celebrate your child.  Our work cannot be successful without you. We work hard to ensure that all treatment and recommendations are created to fit your family's unique rhythms and routines. 

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